Cognosec, a member of the CYBER 1 Group of companies is a leading ICT services and cybersecurity solutions provider, offering a full spectrum of information security, IT risk management, IT governance and Forensics products and services, to governments and private sector enterprises across a broad range of industry sectors in Europe, Middle East & Africa – EMEA. With headquarters in London and offices in several key cities across the region, Cognosec is committed to ensuring that organizations have the Cyber Resilience to not only safeguard against today’s most advanced attacks but also comply with all industry, local and international cybersecurity regulations. 

We are one of the few IT-security companies in Europe, Middle East & Africa – EMEA, to be a PCI-certified Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) as well as a CREST-certified penetration tester. Our international team have acquired decades of experience in all areas of IT-security auditing, testing and implementation. We fully understand the challenges our clients deal with in order to reach their governance, risk, compliance and IT-security objectives.


CYBER 1 provides cyber security solutions to customers wanting to be resilient against new and existing threats. We offer professional services, advisory and through our vendor network we will help you select a suite of best in class products that enhances your reputation and company value.

With offices across Europe, Middle East and Africa we are a multi-jurisdictional organisation who can help you achieve resilience.

CYBER 1 is able to assist organisations and partners with product solutions and services across physical and virtual landscapes, to counter developing cyber threats and attacks.

Through our vast knowledge and expertise obtained during the twenty years of operation within cyber security, we provide solutions to customers and partners who are seeking resolutions to their ever-evolving cyber security needs.

Our services include, penetration testing, application security audits, information systems security audits, data loss prevention, network security. We are able to support you with your governance risk and compliance requirements and are able to build and manage Secure Operations Centers and SIEMs for companies wanting continuous surveillance.